ASP is not a club or affiliated with any club. We offer additional soccer training for players between the ages of 8 and 15 years old who wish to play at the highest level.

ASP Director, Stéphane Auvray is a French former professional player who played in France, U.S. and Asia. He also was the captain of the Guadeloupe National Team and currently serves as the Saint-Martin Senior National Team.

Stéphane developed many young players who now play in French academies, Major League Soccer professional academies, U.S.L , Division 1 Colleges and also on the U.S. Youth National Team in different age categories, French Youth National Team, Jordan Youth National Team, U.S. Youth Futsal National teams just to name a few.

His reputation as a talent developer speaks for itself and emancipating himself from the club environment permits him to work with all players without interfering with their club’s dynamic.

U.S. Soccer A License
U.S.C Premier Diploma
U.S.C. Director of Coaching Diploma
French Football Federation CFF1, CFF2,CFF3
City Futsal/ F.C. Barcelona Futsal certificate
Johan Cruyff Institute Post- graduate in Football Business


It’s simple… It started with my son, Kaïlé Auvray.
He grew up around soccer and developed a passion for the game. As time went by, he became very adamant that he wanted to follow in my footsteps. During my career, when my schedule permitted, I would attend his training sessions and games and I quickly realized that many essential components were missing.

I knew that he needed more so as soon as I retired, I started my own soccer program to offer young players like my son, a different training approach incorporating the development of soccer IQ, player personality, confidence, ambition and resilience along with training sessions.

The players who worked with me found success and went on to professional academies in the US and overseas as well as top college programs.

Even though these players had moved on to other programs, I was called upon regularly to provide support/advice on and off the field to help navigate their new environment. This new phase of their development highlighted the need for mentoring, guidance and more specific individualized training sessions as at that level certain elements are not worked on in the competitive team-oriented environment.